Mission / Vision / Values

“Access reliable sources of information on endometriosis. Educate yourself and others about this condition to help reduce the stigma and improve the lives of those affected.”

Time to Bloom

  • Our Initiative for Awareness
    • “Time to Bloom is our campaign dedicated to raising awareness about endometriosis. Join us in spreading the word and advocating for better understanding and support for those living with this condition.”

Founder – biography

“The (V) Project by LELA Foundation aims to provide feminine hygiene products and new underwear to those in need. Help us in our mission to ensure that everyone has access to essential hygiene products.”

LELA’S tribe (Team)

At the core of Lela Foundation is a diverse group of passionate individuals who bring their unique talents and dedication to the forefront of our mission. Our team is a vibrant tapestry of artists, educators, and advocates, each contributing their distinct flair to the fabric of our organization.


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